ЯR Global MEGA Projects

ЯR Global MEGA Projects

     To begin, ЯR Global MEGA Project are in GIFT $$$ contribution (crowdfund?) mode, to raise just US$8,750,000 which is truly incredible, because Fred has designed the entire production system including construction of all buildings & fittings, all plant & equipment, and essential vehicles only, into this small cost. Let's put this in to perspective so everyone can understand it. Compared with the big C drink maker ((you know the two colors RED & WHITE, like we see on AMBULANCES)) who in 2019 spent EU$75mil refurbishing one plant they have in Europe.

Fred says we should think of the $8.75mil in terms of the positive and most profound impact on human health wellness longevity, and the number of people needed to achieve this goal if they each contributed just US$100 = 87,500 people or about 0.026515% of USA population; and if they contributed US$500 = 15,500 people or about 0.00454545% of the American population, and if the contribution was US$1,000 = 8,750 people or about 0.00265152% of US Citizens. This calculation is based on conservative population numbers 330,000,000 AMERICANS..

What can and will happen, as concerned citizens recognize the significance of what our life force ultra healthy functional Health WELLNESS Longevity beverage is capable of, will be nothing short of AMAZING!

     Fred estimates his production because of customer demand will achieve 1,000,000 bottles per day within first 12 months of operation, creating revenue of US$500,000 per day. From this, the first ЯR GMP LPRP payment is due after Tax EOFY (end-of-financial-year) in the country of production, and from this point in time, the production will be expanded to accomodate 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 bottles per day which will be totally driven by customer demand. The second year will see a minimum of 5x the first years production, US$2.5mil per day! The plant will then have almost instant capability to step up from the first year of production to 10x, equal to US$5mil revenue per day!

     In its initial phase rollout from startup [10 - 18 months total], which includes completion of construction [6 - 9 months total] along with installation of plant, build and install high-tech equipment in the state-of-the-art SCIENCE Lab, and immediately when ready, commencement of production phase [10 - 18 months], with ЯR Global MEGA Project focus on production of their life force ultra healthy functional Health WELLNESS Longevity beverage, receiving orders along with payment, consignment and delivery of their exclusive functional beverage (drink).

Making a positive profound impact in the Health WELLNESS Longevity of the lives of the many.

     As ЯR Global MEGA Project traction becomes rock-solid, and revenue soars, then begins developing and on to production of the next BIG THING. Another high demand MEGA project product!

     Be SURE to join ЯR Global MEGA Projects now, from the very beginning, because it is not opening up for new members. BONUS - Only those Founding Members already with us, who have contributed GIFT $$$ to our (crowdfund?) US$8.75mil startup essential fund appeal, will also benefit, from our next ongoing exciting MEGA projects, at no extra cost!

A video message will be post here on the homepage, as soon as the funding goal has been achieved.

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     So no matter where we have found you now, herein is an unprecedented opportunity, to join

          Fred Ridgway, and ЯR Global MEGA Projects today.

He's a man of sapience, and he's on a mission!

ЯR Global MEGA Projects has been created by the ingenious Fred Ridgway. Its initial design, is to solve an age old problem that until now, has been left to so-called experts whose interests often sit with and at times are believed to collude with the companies who produce medicines. This has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent victims whose ages range from infant through to the elderly, and sadly, this is still continuing as you read here, and many more innocent victims are dying because of the conflicted interests of the so-called medicinal health industry.

There's few people who remain unaffected by the effects of cancer, that's affected, damaged, or destroyed a family member, a relative, a friend, an associate, as well as people unknown to you, and they've all faced the same or similar challenge in battling cancer..

Fred has highly diverse skills and experience, gained from his exposure to multifaceted industry and professional careers, along with his consistent search for answers, reading and learning, during more than five decades.

     Let's make ЯR Global MEGA Project a HUGE SUCCESS, so that everybody our life force ultra healthy Functional Health WELLNESS Longevity Beverage touches, will be 100% Satisfied, Excited and Happy to RECOMMEND to the people they know and meet, and for OUR HERO TEAM Members whose GIFT $$$ Contributions help launch ЯR GMP, this represents an extraordinary WIN for you!

     EVERYONE'S LIVES MATTER, (ELM), we are ALL in this very HUGE FAMILY, the HUMAN RACE, from the beginning of humanity! We're simply living in different generations.

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