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*Applicant must be minimum 18 years of age.

HERO TEAM Member's can contribute their Deposit Gift $$$ Here! immediately they have registered and uploaded all of the documents required in conjunction with this Application FORM, and have received the WELCOME email confirming this.

Important regarding Anonymous Donations, these can be made, and they will be most gratefully accepted, however please note those who choose to do this will not be eligible for ЯR LPRP = ЯR Lifetime Perpetual Reward Program, since it is only for the HERO TEAM Members who have completed their valid registration here. Become a registered HERO TEAM Member to be eligible to receive ЯR LPRPDo this prior to contributing your Deposit GIFT $$$ Here!, since the anonymous donation remains as it was first made, anonymous. 

ЯR Global MEGA Project thanks you most graciously for your generous HERO contribution GIFT $$$, toward making the most profound impact on the Health, WELLNESS, Longevity, & LIVING STANDARD of people and communities around the World!

The following is required for each membership here with ЯR Global MEGA Projects, to ensure compliance with KYC (Know Your Client), and AML (Anti Money Laundering) State, Federal, and International Laws

POI = Proof of Identity:

What you will need to complete your POI:

All countries must present a valid passport (front cover + the two ID pages = 3 copies), with exception for those citizens of The United States of America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are eligible to use their current Driver’s Licence with Bio-metric PHOTO ID (front + reverse = 2 copies). Note, the document used for POI must be valid for a minimum of not less than 12 complete months before its expiry date. [SCAN Documents Format option:  .png  .jpeg  or  .jpg]

*Passport or PAN Card (India)

* For those members who are Indian (IN) Nationals, your Passport (front cover + the two ID pages), or your current valid PAN Card with its Photo ID, clear scanned copies of both front + back page are to be uploaded here. [SCAN Documents Format option:  .png  .jpeg  or  .jpg]

*Have you a 'PRIORITY LIST of THINGS to DO'?    Yes No  
 ЯR Global Mega Projects is committed to helping you achieve your goals!

POA = Proof of Address:

* Passport, Driver’s License, PAN Card are not accepted to establish and prove residential address.
The document options for POA are listed below here.
* Your Residential Address cannot be a Post Office Box.

*If you have only 1 Email ID, 1 Phone No. then write it again for the second one.

What you will need to complete your POA:

One of the following. A clearly readable, scanned copy of Your Current & Paid:
2. WATER Bill,
3. POST-PAID Phone Bill.



* Note: your personal UserName, must not be revealed to anyone else!

* ALL documents must be in English!

* YOUR POI and POA Address must be identical!

* IF your document has been translated, you must submit both the Original, and its Translated copy which must also be Notarized, stamped & signed by a Licensed Notary Public, a qualified legal practitioner, and whose name along with full contact details, which includes the address of their licensed practice, written in English, are included and uploaded with your document(s) copies.
* BEWARE! Do not submit any Fake document! Any person who attempts this, will be permanently banned. And, funds contributed will be transferred to the ЯR Global MEGA Project ЯR SPP (ЯR Specialized Philanthropy Program), as anonymous gift.
* Everything set out here is to Protect You the TEAM Member, and ensure ЯR Global MEGA Projects is in compliance with the Laws regarding the handling and processing of DEPOSIT GIFT $$$ Here!

* PLEASE NOTE: TEAM Members may be required to provide LIVE video evidence to confirm their ID. In the event this is required you will be notified of the time for doing this. It can be done via ZOOM on PC with Webcam, or ZOOM on Smartphone.

* IF YOU have found what you know could be considered to be a LOOPHOLE in our secure Member registration and contributions process, and your decision and actions would be to continue and use it to cheat ЯR Global MEGA Projects, then be advised you must report this to us immediately, otherwise you will be discovered, and the consequence will be TERMINATION, and you may find yourself facing criminal charges. You have been warned!

* LOVE our virtues: Ethical, Honest, Honorable, Respectful, Upright, Transparent, with the utmost Integrity, because this is how everyone succeeds here.