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Intro to our FAQ

We are a disruptor to the NATURAL HEALTH industry

It is highly recommended that each HERO TEAM Member reads all of the information provided here and throughout ЯR GMP website to understand, you are OUR HEROES, and of your family too!

As technology advances DISRUPTORS appear in virtually every industry - EXAMPLES: the STEAM ENGINE era vs DIESEL / GASOLINE / LPG Engines, etc, and today it's the EV - the electrical revolution in powering transportation, is once again returning, now in a new very high-tech format.

Disruptors are often seen by die-hards (those who are stuck in their ways) as a threat to what has been typically occurring in an industry, where it's been monopolized. Note, a monopoly doesn't mean it's the best or even good ~ there's plenty of examples of BAD MONOPOLIES! 

And then out-of-the-blue, a DISRUPTOR appears!

We are, a disruptor!

What has been discovered here, has the potential to revolutionize how people keep themselves healthy and live their daily lives in good Health & Wellness ~ Longevity!

But what is so amazing, truly incredible, is how Nature has had this solution right here in front of us for thousands of years, yet no one has found its PERFECT BIO MATCH, until now!

And now you can be instrumental in the early days of our foundation - the beginning, as the company evolves!

What you see today may for whatever reason, not appear interesting, not of the website standard you would expect - well, the truth of it is that is how most businesses, companies, corporations are at the start - they all evolve, to become the standard of success in their given industry space.

So what we don't have right now, We Will Have, given your HERO Support, and as we evolve, so too the MARKETPLACE evolves and improves, as do YOU our HERO through its rewards for supporting here, and as will the millions upon millions of consumers who love our products, too!

Whatever you do, find the reason to be OUR HERO, and know from the evidence before us that more people are going to become ill, and many more are going to suffer irreversible illness based on the current information, a reduced lifespan, and it's getting worse day-by-day!

And on the evidence we have, someone that you know, or love, is going to suffer terribly, the most horrible illness/disease that you could ever imagine! Worse still, there's an ever increasing risk you could become victim of an illness, a disease, that impacts your life. 

Our FLAGSHIP product, will captivate the marketplace!

As will other products we bring to the marketplace, too!

We've secured the solution that solves many major health issues that affect billions of people each day.

Start today, a HERO, WINNER for Your LIFETIME, and LEGACY to those you love and care!


1.  Are you a crowdfund site?

ЯR GMP is not a crowdfund. The business of crowdfunding is for those businesses who profit by way of crowdfunding for others such as personal crowdfund, startups, and S-M business crowdfunds.

We are hosting our startup on this platform. We are not a typical fund raiser, and for those who join and support with their contributions, you will cherish the 'treasure' you have discovered in helping us to launch.

Unlike many other startups who must meet their crowdfund goal, we if necessary have the ability to 'scale' our launch, despite it is prefered we can meet our fund raising goal since US$8,750,000.00 is pennie-ante' in comparison to anything else in the Beverage marketplace.

They do not have what we at ЯR GMP have!

Our ЯR GMP ultra life force health wellness longevity functional beverage is EXCLUSIVE!

See point 4, for more information about ЯR GMP proprietary Functional Beverage!


2.  What type of business are you?

ЯR GMP is a genuine powerfully economically viable Health Wellness Longevity startup, with its funding appeal launched here now to raise just US$8,750,000-00 to build its incredible production facility, science LAB, HQ, on clean organic farmland where it will produce all of its NATURAL ingredients – selling and supplying the packaged beverage to local and global markets, filling the massive void in the consumer Health Wellness Longevity choice for the best functional beverage in the global marketplace.

Providing Members the best totally sustainable income generator and fortune making opportunity.

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3.  Who can join?

People from all walks of life, age 18+ and whose interest’s and careers are as diverse as home-makers, family, carers, students, teachers, engineers, bakers, bankers, builders, construction workers, farmers, architects, artists, athletes, designers, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, investors, programmers, entertainers, celebrities, astronauts, celebrities, amateur and professional sportspeople, and successful entrepeneurs. 

Everyone who is law abiding, seek, want, and deserve a better future – This is for you!

ЯR GMP is fully committed to deliver!

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4.  What is your product?

ЯR GMP has an amazing exclusive flagship product that will be launched as startup’s achieved, a highly affordable, 100% Natural delicious ultra life force functional beverage that answers (solves) a large range of people’s health challenges.

After having developed his formula, the 100% Natural delicious ultra life force health wellness longevity functional beverage, ЯR GMP Founder stumbled upon 'hidden' evidence that two of the main ingredients used in his ЯR GMP Functional Beverage, are being used successfully in clinical trials for the treatment of major illness. 

READ about it HERE. (Note, the cost for Cancer Treatment in the USA, varies from around US$7,000-00 to US$30,000-00 per MONTH!)

The ЯR GMP exclusive flagship product, is not a medicine, it is the result of extensive, and tireless research to find the answers with natural products that Founder of ЯR Global MEGA Projects, has created this exclusive, proprietary formula, the 100% Natural delicious ultra life force functional beverage presented here for you and everyone who has a serious interest in securing their Health Wellness Longevity, and financial security! 

Other proprietary and purpose designed, low-cost, highly effective, much sort after Health & Wellness products will follow.

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5.  Is becoming a HERO, TEAM Member like being a Partner?

In essence, yes!

The traditional equity business model has failed many in these modern times, just as the World economic model has failed the majority of income earners whose lives and future's have been damaged by the Covid-19 global pandemic, the Russian invasion of UKRAINE, resulting in many people being forced to suffer massive losses, and there's a large number who in their remaining lifetime, may even not ever recover from this.

GOVS simply do not have the right ECONOMIC MODEL to protect citizens!  

ЯR GMP is designed and committed to protect your HERO contribution, and TEAM Membership!

Many businesses and companies offer shares, but when you analyze these, for many shareholders, their dividend income is insufficient for them to retire and they don't live better, unless they were already at a very high income position and able to purchase a large share portfolio from the start.

Typically, the largest incomes are only ever paid to EXECUTIVE management!

This is not the case for ЯR GMP, here HERO TEAM Members will be rewarded exceptionally well!

The reward model Fred has created, ensures that ЯR Global MEGA Project will continue far into the future bringing great benefit to humanity, through following in his founding vision.

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6.  How does joining ЯR Global MEGA Project offer me a better future?

ЯR Global MEGA Project is committed to disburse 80% to 90% of its revenue while remaining fully functional, financially sound and strong, with a massive and continuously expanding global marketplace to service.

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7.  What makes ЯR Global MEGA Project’s flagship product better?

Ingredients that billions of people are already consuming, have an enormously long history as much as 5,000 years possibly more, but the real benefits of them in today’s manufactured products have been dramatically modified and their once natural healthy benefits reduced or even removed through processing, preventing consumers from achieving their ultimate Health Wellness Longevity goals.

Fact: some of the natural occurring organic chemical found normally inside a major food product that is vitally critical to human Health Wellness Longevity, is being extracted from the main supporting food ingredient, processed, concentrated, and sold to companies who simply want to make fortunes  and the food product is then packaged and sold without the consumer being informed its been reduced or removed as does also occur  and they would ever tell you about this!

Here's an analogy befitting of this  IMAGINE that every APPLE no longer contains the natural amount of PECTIN that is a very important inner ingredient of the apple, for human Health & Wellness, but big pharma decides they want it, and so every APPLE is now having its PECTIN extracted, so that the APPLE you buy no longer contains this important inner ingredient. This results in Consumers suffering degraded health and illness that would many years ago would not have been a problem for us. 

Remember the old adage 'an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away' fortunately for us, at the time of writing this, the PECTIN in our eating APPLES isn't possible of being extracted from the apples we purchase for eating as it would be totally obvious – but the other food product TURMERIC is semiprocessed which is why they can and do extract this incredible inner organic phytochemical, and consumers do not know it's been taken – and there's nothing written on the package in which the product is sold, so consumers remain UNAWARE of this! 

ЯR Global MEGA Project circumvent this, by growing and producing all of their raw ingredients at ORGANIC farm level, to ensure you and your loved ones can enjoy the best in good Health Wellness Longevity consuming ЯR GMP delicious ultra life force functional beverage.

Unique and exclusive to ЯR Global MEGA Project is their proprietary and advanced multi-step technology, retains the ingredients special qualities in their flagship exclusive product, the delicious ultra life force functional beverage, ensures bio-availability and delivery – absorption in the CONSUMER's body. Yes! 

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8.  OK. I’ve decided to join – what should I contribute?

Legally, we cannot tell you what to contribute. However, do read these notes –

(a) it's true, there are high risk opportunities, but they're simply poor choices from the start, so people do from time to time, encounter an unhappy moment.

The BIG DIFFERENCE here is THE PRODUCT, it's HIGHLY CONSUMABLE, an ENORMOUS MARKETPLACE that's filled with CONSUMERS who are searching for the PERFECT BIO MATCH, a simple to consume delicious FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGE, and this is what is meticulously planned for you here through the ЯR GMP Lifetime Perpetual Reward Program (ЯR GMP LPRP)

(b) never spend more than you can afford.

(c) Example: if the first person to join were able to contribute and fund the entire US$8.75mil ЯR GMP funding appeal, they would have their legal document the ЯR GP e-CERTIFICATE reflecting they own 387,500 ЯR GP their contribution in joining our startupand based on sound knowledge of the functional beverage industry, its forward-looking predictions, ЯR GMP can fund their Lifetime Perpetual Reward Program (ЯR GMP LPRP), ЯR GMP SPP (Philanthropy) Program, and manage running their Day-To-Day Operations very comfortably, highly successfully.

Example only: the ЯR GMP annual net revenue for end of 1st year is $12mil (it's feasible), then ЯR GMP would base 80% for total reward serving its two programs. 20% to 30% ЯR GMP LPRP $2,400,000 to $3,600,000-00 = US$6.19 to $9.29 paid per each of their 387,500 ЯR GP (shares) awarded for their Contribution, and 50% to 60% $6,000,000 to $7,200,000-00 for ЯR GMP SPP projects.

In this example above here, the Member would receive $2,400,000-00, their annual paid LPRP. And ЯR GMP SPP projects would receive $6,000,000-00, while ЯR GMP has $3,600,000-00 to ensure all employee salaries and accounts are paid on time, and all production operations including expansion continue as planned.  

 Note: this example is to help you understand the company. The percentages are adjustable as annual net revenue increases. 

ЯR GMP LPRP is an annual reward paid after end of Tax year in the country of production – this commences on the first year of complete production cycle achieved, relevant to each Member and their supporting contributions.

ЯR GMP LPRP will be paid to the account that each Member nominate, and those account details are provided to ЯR GMP for this purpose only.

ЯR GMP is with WISE.com, a registered, highly successful, reputable, borderless, global fund transfer & banking company – click link for details.

Based on the numbers, it is envisaged that from around the end of the 5th year a payment of around 16 fold (16x) more than the first, will be paid to ЯR Global MEGA Project TEAM Members. And, it has potential to be more, much more. Imagine if you were that first Member in the example mentioned above, and they are the only Member, receiving approx $38,400,000-00 as their ЯR GMP LPRP. And ЯR GMP SPP projects would receive $96,000,000-00, and the year's operational budget $57,600,000-00.

With huge expansion in the global market, the exclusive flagship product consumer results going viral, imagine now, the amount of the next annual ЯR GMP LPRP total reward fund paid to TEAM Members..

If more TEAM Members, this amount is simply divided and paid according to their ЯR GP e-CERTIFICATE status based on each HERO TEAM Member Contribution.

Remember, the HERO TEAM Member Contribution, these ЯR GMP startup funds are real.

Traditional businesses typically pay the big incomes only to company executives!

ЯR GMP LPRP reserves this for their HERO TEAM Member!

Get started now!


9.  What contribution does ЯR GMP anticipate, or prefer?

ЯR GMP have set a minimum of US$500-00, however, where prudent, it will benefit far more the HERO TEAM Member who can make a larger contribution, using above mentioned examples as guide, and of course provided it’s possible for them to do so, and the HERO TEAM Member does not create any difficult situation for themselves in the interim of ЯR GMP delicious ultra life force functional beverage being sold and exported in the ever expanding marketplace, of the global market landscape.

Using the Bank details provided, you could if you choose, make a contribution of less than US$500-00.

Say you want to contribute US$200-00, so simply follow the instructions Account holder: ЯR Global MEGA Projects LLC details, provided OUR HERO TEAM Members in HERE!

And after making the funds transfer, send email to ЯR GMP the clear scanned full document of your transaction details for the record displayed on your e-CERTIFICATE.

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10.  Everything looks fine, but why the big numbers?

The numbers by country and region, stack up – because of population numbers of people - babies, infants, kindergarteners, tweens, teens, youthful adults, adults, will fall ill, while many will succumb and die today from problems that are diet-related and could have been prevented, is simply staggering – it’s a massive number - more importantly it’s someone who is loved but now isn't there, a baby, a child, a sister, a brother, a parent, a grandparent, a relative, a friend, or a known person such as favorite cafe or restaurant staff – the annual global loss, is around 60mil deaths, many of which are preventable. These are not the aged and elderly, they're people who are young and should be enjoying their life.

It’s massive, and one where the affordable ЯR GMP delicious ultra life force functional beverage is set to make a profound difference.

Not withstanding that everyone who will hear about this special delicious ultra life force functional beverage, will want to drink it too!

Everything in perspective!

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11.  Anything else I should know?

The ЯR Global MEGA Project has been planned in accord of its first incredible product, their delicious ultra life force functional health wellness longevity beverage.

The company vision is infinite – around for a very long time – serving generations to come!

The future launch of ЯR GMP new products does not require the TEAM Member to contribute more, yet the revenue from these will add to further strengthen financial security for ЯR Global MEGA Project, and its TEAM Members.

Many opportunities are filled with promises, but they don't have the PRODUCT, the WILL or the CAPACITY to deliver  ЯR Global MEGA Project has THE PRODUCT, THE WILL, and THE CAPACITY, and is committed to making the difference, an enormous POSITIVE for humanity, it will have a profound impact on the lives of the many who consume it – add to this its Philanthropy, the ЯR GMP SPP  for the company to become the leading most trusted, most preferred, safest most consumed functional beverage in the global marketplace!

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12.  All the features of the ЯR GMP are outstanding. Is there another?

The e-CERTIFICATE. In the event of a Member passing away, is a prestigious and valuable LEGACY item, that passes on to family or other recipient that the original Member chooses to nominate and requested it be bequeathed to – and if it’s to be split among two or more individuals? No problem!

ЯR GMP assure this will be done in accord with the original HERO TEAM Member’s final LEGAL instruction.

To service the global marketplace, ЯR GMP has identified several regional locations, positioned geographically, as excellent for expansion, in supplying the entire World.

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14.  How will my contribution be used?

First, and most important for every HERO Member contribution, their e-CERTIFICATE is both their digital and real portfolio – their participation and contribution toward ЯR GMP building the company – farmland, production center & LAB, HQ office, employee accommodation, plant & sundry.

A transparent record of spending will be kept at all times, and will also be recorded in photo / video, available for guests and HERO TEAM Members to view in this site.


It is ЯR GMP plan for HERO TEAM Members to be invited to come and visit the company production center & HQ when construction has been completed, and it's in full operation.

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15.  Are contributions refundable?

All funding is used as is openly described throughout this website,

The first Lifetime Perpetual Reward Program (ЯR GMP LPRP) payment, is forecast that OUR HERO TEAM Member receives the equal of Contribution amount PLUS their % share of the REWARD POOL for that first completed cycle end of year Tax period – this FAQ is here, to provide OUR HEROES, TEAM Members with clear and detailed information.

It is the ЯR Global MEGA Project’s committed goal to build the company in the shortest possible time, without cutting corners!

If it so happens that ЯR GMP may need to start to scale according to funding, this will be done, thus ensuring the delicious ultra life force functional health wellness longevity beverage is produced, marketed and sold, expanding by its generated sales revenue, growing in huge strides day-by-day, with it’s same goal to become the leading most trusted, preferred, consumed functional health wellness longevity beverage in the global market!

ЯR GMP will demonstrate that it’s no ordinary product or company.

It needs your HERO Helping contribution to get started, and for which HERO TEAM Members will be very well rewarded – while knowing that their support of ЯR GMP is not only helping people live healthier  it's having a profound impact in ways that will become rapidly known via a website that will be dedicated to consumer results.

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16.  Why ЯR GMP?

ЯR GMP is providing HERO TEAM Members the leverage of the Founder's renaissance experience and skill in designing & formulating their flagship exclusive product in changing millions of consumers lives, to their great benefit.

Because the need for ЯR GMP delicious ultimate ultra life force Health Wellness Longevity functional beverage is real, and integrity is everything! Sadly today, many business executives make a mockery of this essential human virtue.

ЯR GMP will deliver!

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17.  Does ЯR GMP have a humanity, community, or environment benefits program? 

Yes, it has all of these and more, and similarly to its exclusive delicious ultimate ultra life force functional Health Wellness Longevity beverage, ЯR GMP believes it will turn heads, and change the way we think, feel, and do things, from here onwards following the launch of its FLAGSHIP Functional Beverage.

ЯR GMP SPP – Read all about it inside!

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18.  What do you recommend I do now?

If it were legal to make recommendation, ЯR GMP would have done so. Read the examples that are mentioned above in 8. and decide which best suits you in achieving your life goals – then get started.

Once registered, HERO TEAM Members will have a direct communication chat line to a company representative – to assist with essential legal aspects should it be required.

Note: all figures presented herein are representative of the information forecast about the actual time of the company launch and its ongoing operations.

These and all information provided here do paint a very real portrait and landscape of ЯR GMP, as we believe will be delivered.

Because ЯR GMP amazing, exclusive, flagship product, is much much more, than can be written about it here.

Get started now!


* The information provided here does not constitute, nor is it a substitute for medical advice.
  For this you must see a medical doctor for their opinion.