ЯR Global MEGA Projects

ЯR Global MEGA Projects

   What you are looking at here, is a World FIRST, with its complex multi-step production that cannot be approached or achieved any other way, than Fred's formula.

The PERFECT BIO-MATCH protecting human health, wellness, longevity!

          From its outset, ЯR Global MEGA Project focus is on:

  • Helping people to enjoy GOOD HEALTH, by making a positive and profound impact on a range of major global health challenges, which are solved through consuming a delicious, exlcusive, plant based 100% natural ingredients, Fred’s functional ultra life force health, wellness, longevity beverage, that hydrates the human body perfectly, as it delivers excellent results.

  • And not surprisingly, ЯR Global MEGA Project, has more similar projects, in queue.
Andrew (Alfie) Rundle

ЯR Global MEGA Project will produce these products at the highest QUALITY, and deliver them to the masses at PRICES People CAN Afford!

What we are offering to those who back and contribute GIFT $$$ to ЯR Global MEGA Projects fund appeal, our HERO backers, contributors, donors, supporters, and investors, is a substantial gift reward from the company's profits, the ЯR GMP Lifetime Perpetual Reward Program (ЯR GMP LPRP).

This is something that most other companies don't do, because their concerns are in fattening the incomes of their owners, management, and executives, while they trim everything else!

If you need an example of this, just look around, and see the terrible consequences, the negative and enormous disruptive effects that occur because of major health problems people suffer every day - and now coupled with the sadness of millions of personal tragedies that COVID-19 has caused, the invasion of Ukraine, and the inflationary effects from these adverse events are continuing to wreak havoc upon human health, employment, around the World!

ЯR Global MEGA Projects will not emulate others!

Announcing here, that ЯR Global MEGA Projects, is committed and devoted to the friendship, of our backers, contributors, donors, supporters, a relationship they will cherish and treasure. OUR HEROES!

ЯR Global MEGA Project is a Private company, and this along with its unique and exclusive in demand highly consumable products, allows us to reward our TEAM Members with ЯR GMP LPRP for contributing GIFT $$$ to our excellent opportunity fund appeal, one of the most significant of this millenium.

Other companies choose to reward only their executives with huge salaries and bonuses, whereas ЯR GMP has chosen a very different approach - in each production year, it will disburse minimum 80% of its net revenue, paying it out to two very important factors - (1) its TEAM MEMBERS, and (2) its PHILANTHROPY. The remaining 20% will fully support the company's annual costs, (a) employee income, (b) plant maintenance, (c) production, (d) global expansion, (e) insurance, (f) logistics, (g) office, (h) legal, (i) media, (j) etc.

Let us for a moment, focus on one of the major health problems people are facing each and every minute of every day, and about 50% LOSE THE BATTLE, succumbing to this terrible illness - CLICK HERE!

  If you know someone who has suffered a debilitating illness, a loved one, family, friend, associate, then you are at the right place at the right time, to contribute and help in making a profound impact, in the prevention of those problems.

  And for anyone who is concerned about what the future will offer them for contributing GIFT $$$, and being able to live very comfortably, there is no better place or time than right now, as ЯR Global MEGA Projects presents their exemplary and highly desirable model with which to access and achieve this.

  Plus for those of you reading here, if it is your capacity for compassion, and empathic feelings that make you the most wonderful person you are, then you are aligned with the Founder of ЯR Global MEGA Projects, and your contributions are most welcome here.

  In the years ahead, should a TEAM Member choose to, they may even gift some of their ЯR GMP LPRP reward that has become surplus to their needs, to ЯR Global MEGA Projects Specialized Philanthropy Program (ЯR SPP), where it will be used to change the lives of the ill, disabled, impoverished, suffering, uneducated, and under-educated, in the most incredibly profound and positive ways.

  Now for those of you who are wondering, can this all be possible? Well, first i'll explain here by sharing an analogy > Just imagine now, that it was you who owned the largest company supplying the best tasting Pizzas to the Global Marketplace. There are tens-of-millions of people, consumers who love eating Pizza every day, and because you are both the owner and supplier of the best pizza in the largest market, the expanding GLOBAL marketplace, you are literally a dominant high volume producer-supplier, and well managed, this results in millions of Happy Satisfied Customers, creating a Massive Turnover Volume, and realizing your Pizza Company an Enormous $$$ Revenue which equates to excellent profit. 

Secondly, it's important to note this works for all types of products, as this example shows - John D Rockefeller, chose Oil Refining as his business model.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_D._Rockefeller - Why do I mention oil, the environmental scourge? Simply to highlight what occurs when we have MASS CONSUMER NUMBERS, from the sale of a highly consumable product, is the dynamic that produces enormous REVENUE. The only reason this example/analogy is here, is to ensure you understand the DYNAMICS, that of mass numbers, results in mass sales volume which generates a substantially large REVENUE, vast numbers of happy and satisfied customers, plus for the business, a significantly huge profit, and a huge contribution to the ЯR Global MEGA Project Special Philanthropy Program (ЯR GMP SPP) and its impact for those in need will be, simply amazing.

  It is with hugs and great thanks to the Founder of ЯR Global MEGA Project, that we are not aligned with oil, or anything at all negative to our environment or humanity, delivering instead the much needed goodness for our family's, and Humanity's most critical needs.

There are many types and styles of beverages, and there are Functional Beverages.

What is important, in fact critical to note is, Functional Beverages are supposed to deliver better health to the consumer, but this is often far from the truth with many products not delivering what they advertise.

'Soda' type drinks, have little or zero health benefit.

Our greatest desire, is to have and enjoy a Lifetime, experiencing The Best Health, Wellness, Longevity. 

ЯR Global MEGA Projects delivers this in their Healthy Ultra Life Force Functional Beverage!

What can happen if you have a Functional Beverage that is made from plant based 100% Natural ingredients that are used every day in food, meals and snacks, and hundreds of millions of people are eating them everyday? They've been doing this for hundreds, if not thousands of years, ingredients that are CODEX Alimentarius - W.H.O. is 100% with Codex Alimentarius, too. However, just because people are eating these ingredients, doesn't make them healthy and immune to the other major health problems. There's some critically important reasons why many consumers of these ingredients don't benefit from eating them other than enjoy their taste. Founder and formulator of the ЯR Global MEGA Projects life force ultra healthy functional beverage, has taken everything into account with his designed formula along with its multi-step production process, that ensures it is a truly incredible ultra health & wellness natural drink, a life force that hydrates the consumer, as it delivers its ultra healthy life force, constantly improving and maintaining the consumers Health & Wellness.

Founder of ЯR Global MEGA Project, has invested several decades of his experience, knowledge and wisdom, in the design of this life force formula, the beverage that's so special for the World of Consumers seeking good health. He's created a great tasting hydrating life force ultra healthy Functional Beverage that does much more for the best health of the consumer, than most can imagine. Upon tasting and consuming it, people will know that it is excellent, and they will LOVE it!

 In simple terms - Example: if each bottle were sold for just $1, and ЯR GMP make and sell 10,000 bottles per day, this will realize more than 50% Daily Net Revenue $5,000.00+, and by simply duplicating this to raise the daily production to 1,000,000 then the Daily Net Revenue inreases to $500,000.00+. By repeatedly duplicating production until the Global Market is satisfied, there will eventually be in excess of 800,000,000 in production each day. This is by no means a short term goal, however, with the Founders EXPERIENCE, SKILL, VISION and DRIVING AMBITION, it will not take but several years to a decade to achieve this GOAL.

Streamlined production and operational activities, minimizes costs, which will mean there's more funds to support everything ЯR Global MEGA Project does, including its powerful ЯR GMP Specialized Philanthropy Program (ЯR GMP SPP) to eliminate poverty, restore health and confidence in struggling communities, at a level not seen before.

  The Founder of ЯR Global MEGA Projects created this project to bring and deliver to the World, and today, you get the opportunity to share, and cherish being in this extraordinary venture.

The ЯR Global MEGA Project immediate goal is to acquire the land that farms organically and produces its 100% natural ingredients 100%, the highest quality, and build its Mega Production Center, complete with state-of-the-art Science Laboratory ensuring consumers always get the best Functional Beverage. It will have its own Logistics and Distribution, alongside its Global Headquarters, with its own on-site modern hygienic Cafeteria, including home-style Accommodation for Management, and Employees.

And for those who become ЯR Global MEGA Project Members, our backers, contributors, donors, and supporters, the LIFETIME of a substantial gift from company profits, the ЯR GMP Lifetime Perpetual Rewards Program (ЯR GMP LPRP) that will be verified in the Members name in printable digital e-copy format, sent to their email. It is for Members to include in their LEGACY to whom they choose will be their Beneficiary, and when that time arrives, the beneficiary must then register in the ЯR Membership program, informing the company of their receipt of this prestigious most valuable document, and ЯR Global MEGA Project will formally record the transfer to them. A document to this effect and prepared by your lawyer, and legally signed by you and your lawyer, must accompany the LEGACY you have made. Remember, it is the ЯR Global MEGA Project Members responsibility for this information to be compliant with ЯR Global MEGA Project Member records, and to keep this information up to date, at all times. This paragraph must not be disseminated or used for any other purpose.

I first met the Founder, Fred M Ridgway, in the early 90s, noting he is fastidious to the point of perfection, and was at that time involved in a highly successful international business. He is originally a farm boy, but incredibly, he's adapted quickly to every mission he's embarked on, and his experiences and skills are truly amazing. So it was of no surprise when he recently announced his goal to setup this business, along with his astounding exclusive *Dietary Supplement Drink, Ultra LIFE Force Health Beauty Energy Vitality WELLNESS Youthful LONGEVITY Beverage coupled with a business model that will deliver beyond compare. I encourage you to become a Member and enjoy the success ЯR Global MEGA Project delivers.

Transparency is vitaly important to us, as we believe it is to you too.

As soon as ЯR GMP has achieved its fund appeal target, it will apply for and register its charitable company, a 501(c)(3) to undertake and perform its philanthropy goals.

Unlike many, the Founder of ЯR Global MEGA Project is a "quiet achiever", however, I'll negotiate and arrange that he will meet everyone of you, at a time when it becomes humanly possible to formally arrange and hold that event. And, i'm looking forward excitedly, to see you there too!

It's important to note that Fred is dependable. He will get this project built, on time, producing its amazing *Dietary Supplement Drink, Ultra LIFE Force Health Beauty Energy Vitality WELLNESS Youthful LONGEVITY Beverage, delivering it to the marketplace, bringing about the necessary change that improves the lives of the many. 

Fred's quote: "My heart beats strong for you - your family, and all of your friends too!"

Join today, and participate with ЯR Global MEGA Project as they create a health revolution, and business history.

Remember, it’s a WORLD FIRST, there is nothing else like it!

The PERFECT BIO-MATCH protecting human health, wellness, longevity!

Click here today, become a WINNER and HERO for your LIFETIME, plus LEGACY!

ЯR Global MEGA Project presents you,

The opportunity of a lifetime!