ЯR Global MEGA Projects

ЯR Global MEGA Projects

There is no better time than now to partner with
ЯR Global MEGA Projects.

The greatest opportunities come from


Our product is HIGHLY consumable, it WORKS, massive-DEMAND, and access to the global market of EIGHT (8) BILLION.












What could you achieve by becoming a PARTNER in a company
that has an incredibly amazing, exclusive product that SOLVES BIG problems?


GROW your hard-earned cash with ЯR Global MEGA Projects, without the pitfalls, turbulence and instability of the Stock Market!


At the TOP of your List, PROTECT & PREVENT yourself from suffering Health Problems, and PARTNER with the brilliant passive income earning opportunity of this Millennia!

You've read thus far, and now one of two things are going to happen -

1. You PARTNER and become wealthier, or

2. You walk away, meet lots of people getting serious illnesses, such as CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, ARTHRITIS, and there's many more in this list, as well, in the next 2-3-4-5 YEARS NOTHING HAS CHANGED regarding your FINANCIAL SECURITY, possibly it's worsened as the ECONOMIC CRISIS the WORLD is IN, hasn't resolved, it's worsened!

It could be worse, OUR PARTNER door has CLOSED, and will not be offered again!



And CANCER for most, is a 30% to 50% chance they'll beat it.


These are terrible odds, and with medical costs continuing to soar higher, it's totally UNACCEPTABLE!

What is being offered here is very likely to appear as contradiction to what you know, and that's OK, but what isn't OK, is if you accept that and depart from here, because it won't solve what you are looking for, since it's directly in front of you now!

Of the greatest fortunes ЯR Global MEGA Projects creates, paid out from annual REVENUE, 40% to Our HERO PARTNERS, and 40% to Our SPECIAL PHILANTHROPY PROGRAM (SPP). Fred assures YOU that he is committed to HELPING HUMANITY achieve WELLNESS, and Our PARTNERS are Financially Strong for their LIFETIME, and this will pass onto their Beneficiary/Beneficiaries.

Remember, the greatest opportunities are from


You get wealthy by designing, engineering, and/or marketing something that people need and want, or You PARTNER in the business that manufactures in this case it's BOTTLING our Ultra LIFE Force Functional Health WELLNESS Youthful LONGEVITY Beverage, and here YOU'll earn LPRP a lucrative WEALTH CREATING passive income.

Fred has done the hard work, you get to ride on the success his ЯR Global MEGA Projects functional beverages will create!


THIS can become The Leading OPPORTUNITY of this MILLENNIA!

Hundreds of millions of consumers are searching for our
Ultra LIFE Force Functional

Health WELLNESS Youthful LONGEVITY Beverage every day!

And, Consumers will LOVE Fred's NON-ALCOHOLIC NATURAL champagne styled drink, too!

Become a ЯR GMP HERO partner!

Fred @ ЯR GMP has made an incredibly exciting BREAK-through!

Unlocking Nature's own BIO-AVAILABILITY ensuring the delivery of Turmeric's CURCUMIN powerful healing compounds, we have created the PERFECT BIO-MATCH protecting human Health, Wellness, Youthful Longevity.

An immensely powerful Opportunity
for everyone seeking
Financial Security & Wellbeing!

Our exclusive Functional Beverage protects and prevents against illnesses, while it delivers phenomenal Health, Wellness, Youthful LONGEVITY results!

 This ensures success for the Company ЯR GMP, and its HERO PARTNER TEAM Members.

ЯR GMP wanted much better for our TEAM Members OUR HERO PARTNERS, than the traditional stock market reward system, without its pitfalls, turbulence and instability. After much analysis, the ЯR GMP LPRP rewards model was created -

PARTNERS, this will become one of the best GLOBAL businesses, and in a very short time,
as good as, or much better than other Blue Chip Stock!

The ЯR GMP Committment! 

How can ЯR GMP LPRP rewards model pays 40% of it's Revenue to its HERO TEAM Members? 

  • ЯR GMP produces in-demand highly consumable functional beverages
  • ЯR GMP are the owners of the exclusive proprietary functional formula
  • ЯR GMP are the owners of the best organic natural ingredients farm
  • ЯR GMP LPRP reward model is built on HONEST BEST & FAIREST VALUES
  •  ЯR GMP lead by example - ensuring the highest industry standards! 

ЯR GMP LPRP are committed to sharing 40% of net revenue with our HERO TEAM Members, and we're positive that YOU will LOVE it!

From their very first taste, Consumers
will LOVE our Functional Beverages!

It's excellent reward system, assures our HERO PARTNERS achieve financial success!

And, there's special bonus for PARTNERS who invite a family member, a friend, or associate who joins PARTNERS and contributes to the success of ЯR GMP, with its phenomenal functional Ultra-LIFE-Force Health Wellness Youthful Longevity beverage!

It's WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone!

Become a HERO PARTNER, WINNER for your LIFETIME, Legacy to your GENERATIONS, Start Now!

JOIN our qualified HERO partner TEAM Members today!

The Founder of ЯR Global MEGA Project, has through a complex multi-step process, unlocked one of the Worlds and Natures greatest secret: the natural Bioavailability (delivery) of CURCUMIN's natural organic phytochemicals making them available on-demand.

Achieve the best in Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY from a selection of 100% plant ingredient, and attain the results that billions of people around the World want to experience and enjoy everyday!

Sourced from pure MOTHER NATURE - 100% natural, delicious, 100% safe to consume - it works, it's phenomenal!

It gives the company's ultra life force functional Health WELLNESS Youthful LONGEVITY beverage, a strong multi-edge advantage for launch into the global Functional Beverage market. 

Consumers will taste and fall in love, with this delicious Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY drink, and especially they'll LOVE their personal result!

ЯR Global MEGA Project presents an unparalled most opportune, Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY event!

Our Founder has made some critically important discoveries, so join us, we're on a journey, a mission for people to inexpensively achieve their best Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY goals.

Become a HERO PARTNER, WINNER for your LIFETIME, Legacy to your GENERATIONS, Start Now!

Here you can read about the founder, the startup company, their first awesome Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY product, and its online GIFT $$$ startup fund appeal goal, designed and created for everyday people. He's cracked the code, to unlocking and preventing a range of serious illnesses and major health problems, through an incredibly innovative approach, carefully, and meticulously planned by design, it's simply ingenious.

The ЯR Global MEGA Project, goal and commitment is producing affordable, exclusive, highly innovative, premium quality Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY products that fulfill the consumer need, desire and satisfaction. As soon as production has commenced, ЯR GMP will launch their exclusive, delicious, highly consumable functional ultra healthy life force Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY beverage, that promotes the best in good health, giving consumers the opportunity for a better future, one they can enjoy.

It's plant based 100% natural-n-healthy, 100% environmentally friendly too!

This and much more, is at the heart of our innovative Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY products.

Mother Earth and our clients essential Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY needs, come first!

Creating the most amazing functional Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY beverage, and now with its fundraising appeal, to bring it to the World, via the ЯR Global MEGA Projects.

And, his talent for innovative design, producing products of excellence that'll be of great benefit to humanity, doesn't stop!

This is the beginning!

Presenting you, the PREMIER Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY opportunity of a LIFETIME!

With YOUR PARTNERSHIP, we can make this The #1 PREMIER Opportunity!

Become a HERO PARTNER, WINNER for your LIFETIME, Legacy to your GENERATIONS, Start Now!


As you tour ЯR GMP website, a very special message :


ЯR Global MEGA Project = ЯR GMP.

THANK YOU, our heart, goes out to our TEAM Member HERO PARTNERS who contribute  GIFT $$$ Here! to our online GIFT $$$ funding appeal.

Everyone who is reading here today has the enviable opportunity to become a ЯR MEGA Project HERO PARTNER TEAM Member, through joining and contributing to our online GIFT $$$ appeal that will propel our Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY startup business today, into a thriving, expanding, and rapidly growing humanitarian business, well into and beyond the foreseeable future.

Only the HERO PARTNER TEAM Members who support with contributions can participate in and receive our ЯR GMP Lifetime Perpetual Reward Payments - ЯR GMP LPRP - those who have joined and contributed before and up until the $7.75mil appeal has been achieved - their Membership is for their success! At this point the project moves into Phase II - thereafter into production, marketing, and sales.

These phenomenal ultra life force Health, WELLNESS, YOUTHFUL Longevity products, will touch the lives of many!

This is the opportunity for everyone, to achieve a bright and ultra healthy future!

Become a HERO PARTNER, WINNER for your LIFETIME, Legacy to your GENERATIONS, Start Now!

ЯR Global MEGA Project is committed to serve consumers the best Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY products, plus assist with ЯR Global MEGA Projects Specialized Philanthropy Program.

This will be possible through our unique and deliciously tasty, exclusive functional beverage, an exciting, enormously desirable, highly consumable drink, that supports top level Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY.

TRANSPARENCY in ЯR Global MEGA Project is paramount, so vitally important that we'll communicate here the Photos / VIDEOS of each and every event where the TEAM Member's GIFT $$$ contribution are spent building this great Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY project.

This is paramount, and ЯR Global MEGA Project, is ready to lead the way! 




Make the critically essential, positive and profound difference, in the health and lives of people, everywhere around the World.

Be always Eco-Friendly, Clean-n-Green, delivering the best quality Health, Wellness, Youthful Longevity, at prices the market majority can afford.

For those who unite here, becoming ЯR GMP HERO PARTNER TEAM, who support and contribute to our GIFT $$$ funding appeal to create the brilliance we will deliver.

ЯR GMP knows where it will be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 50 years, 100 years from it's official launch date - the key to your success, JOIN Now!

There'll be plenty here for you, your descendants and beneficiaries, in the years that ensue.

Mission & Values

Changing the lives of people everywhere on Earth, through critically essential natural products that impact our living in Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY, in the most positive and profound ways.

Setting new benchmarks, and paving the way, that others can and will follow.

Adhere to being Ethical, Honest, Transparent, Empathic, Unified, Steadfast, Tolerant, Polite, Amicable; Strong not Bully; Caring and Loyal.

ZERO TOLERANCE of the following!!

Dishonesty, Bully, Greed, Exploitation, Hate, Human Trafficking, Threat, Malice, Terror, Subversion, Predation, Stalking, Violence.


functional beverage display

The ЯR GMP Functional Health WELLNESS Youthful Longevity Beverage

Become a HERO PARTNER, WINNER for your LIFETIME, Legacy to your GENERATIONS, Start Now!



It is important to note, the ЯR Global MEGA Project will commence the moment Funding has achieved the 'scalable' build amount of US$500,000 thus ensuring consumers can begin drinking our ultra life force health, wellness, youthful longevity functional beverage in the fastest time, and the first ЯR Global MEGA Project LPRP is paid to our HERO TEAM Members in the 13th month.

It is planned, one of the ЯR Global MEGA Project goals is for the LPRP in the course of the first 7 years, be step-by-step modified from its initial Annual paid to MONTHLY PAID. This will involve changing it to BI-ANNUAL, TRI-ANNUAL, QUARTERLY, BI-MONTHLY, MONTHLY.



Fred's determined to be paying OUR PARTNERS their LPRP income MONTHLY!

ЯR Global MEGA Project predicts growth that will see TEAM Members earnings increase dramatically, and for those who have contributed $5,000 ie., 250 ЯR GMP GP (gift points), be paid LPRP in the order of annual US$250,000.  

In starting to 'scale' as production is ramped up, ЯR Global MEGA Project can choose to expand using its revenue, which could see 'the door' to joining closing much sooner.

Whatever you do, do not miss this opportunity!

Become a HERO PARTNER, WINNER for your LIFETIME, Legacy to your GENERATIONS, Start Now!

As ЯR Global MEGA Project commences production of its excellent NATURAL Health, WELLNESS, Longevity products in answer to the problems, the ЯR GMP Special Philanthropy Program will begin to emerge, providing a safety-net where needed for citizens in communities.

Fred's on a MISSION, to help the many consumers who want to have and enjoy their best Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY, as well as getting people who've lost their jobs and life quality, back to living and working, happily enjoying a rewarding and most satisfying life.

And it’s without compromise, with his breakthrough, life force, ultra healthy Functional Health, WELLNESS, Youthful LONGEVITY Beverage!


Make ЯR GMP a MAJOR PIECE in your NEW NORMAL today!

The ЯR GMP SPP project will aid in the release from poverty for the financially and socially disenfranchised, through relocation into new homes, a good education, good jobs too!

Out of this, comes one amazing opportunity for those who join the ЯR GMP to make their contribution to our GIFT $$$ funding appeal, and be instrumental in taking part in, some of the most incredible business history that's planned, designed, and being built here.

This is your chance to make a difference, not a 'whitewash' as many do, but instead to really help, to make a significant, most profound impact, through reaching out and helping with your GIFT $$$ contribution to ЯR GMP online funding appeal, today.

Funding will enable ЯR GMP to fill full-time positions for diverse occupations, skilled employees, including professionals. 

Highly sought after lifetime positions of employment, for qualified applicants.

The future shines bright,

the Ultra Life Force of Health WELLNESS Longevity & WEALTH!


Become OUR HERO PARTNER, WINNER for your LIFETIME, Legacy to your GENERATIONS, Start Now!

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Sincerely, with eternal love, appreciation, admiration and respect for OUR HEROES!


* The information provided here does not constitute, nor is it a substitute for medical advice.
  For this you must see a medical doctor for their opinion.