ЯR Global MEGA Projects

ЯR Global MEGA Projects

It's the PERFECT BIO-MATCH protecting human health, wellness, longevity - creating an immensely powerful Opportunity for everyone seeking Financial Security & Wellbeing!

   In the world of the behemoth soft drinks industry, there's a bevy of new players, drink makers that are appearing everywhere, new brand names popping up that are hoping to reach the top. And, Functional Beverages are gaining on the tradtional beverage market, as their sales volumes continue to move upwards in country, national, regional, and global sales charts.

    Functional beverages are the rising stars, because they're designed to provide the consumer with potentially BETTER nutritional health benefits. 

     ЯR Global MEGA Project has gone beyond this! They have achieved The Cutting Edge through their proprietary advanced technologies, giving them direct access to natures very exclusive delivery system - BIOAVAILABILITY - in creating their unique and exclusive Ultra Life Force Functional HEALTH and WELLNESS Beverage.

    Whether you're working long hours, do a great deal of heavy lifting, or an athlete exercising vigorously, pushing your body to its limit, your energy becomes expended and you feel exhausted. Then you reach for a functional beverage, seeking results through the choice you make.

    There's a lot of slick advertising used to promote them, so how does a consumer really know if the drink they're taking that's labeled a functional beverage, is making a real difference, is balanced to the human body requirements, and is it truly safe?

     It's easy to push up the energy factor as many drink manufacturers do with a range of added ingredients, such as caffeine, but unless it is in complete balance with what the human body needs, then (analogy) it will be little different to fixing only a part of a broken down car engine, but not replacing the other parts that are worn and damaged. So like the car engine, the human body is all too often fed with incomplete functional beverages, and because of this we can very likely expect there'll be more people suffering health problems. 

     Immediately taking an energy drink, you consume it in the expectation it will safely re-energize your body. But is this correct? Unfortunately, regularly drinking a man-made artificial energy drink can have far-reaching negative consequences, imparting bad effects on other areas of your health.

    Nobody wants to suffer HEALTH PROBLEMS, period! Take a look at what is being reported, to gain insight into the issues that people are facing on a daily basis. Safely CLICK HERE to open this .pdf document, and get the facts. And remember, this is just one of the major health crisis that virtually everyone is facing - in the list of the TOP WORST - there's another Big List of HEALTH Problems (click link in last paragraph) that are ruining, destroying and causing an enormous number of deaths every minute! What's really troubling, is many of the victims are under the age of 40!

   The ЯR GMP plant based 100% natural, Ultra Life Force Functional HEALTH and WELLNESS Beverage is the life force that will restore your confidence in what a truly caring, carefully thought out, superbly designed and formulated Functional Health and WELLNESS Beverage, should be, including it's synchronous balance and harmony with the human body, it's excellent tastedelivering good health. The results that everyone wants and needs!

     ЯR Global MEGA Project have designed a Customer Result website, where consumers of their amazing Functional Ultra Life Force HEALTH WELLNESS LONGEVITY Beverage will be able to post and share their stories, for the new generation of people who are discovering this, and have a strong desire to achieve BETTER health. Here they'll be able to learn about ЯR GMP Ultra Life Force Functional HEALTH and WELLNESS Longevity Beverage, its great taste, results, inexpensive price, plant based 100% natural, and they can get started on the path to better Health WELLNESS Longevity!

     We invite you to consume, evaluate and fall in LOVE with ЯR GMP Functional Ultra Life Force HEALTH WELLNESS LONGEVITY Beverage. Enrichening people's health and lives, for the better! 

Want to be healthy?

The ЯR GMP Ultra Life Force Functional HEALTH and WELLNESS Beverage is what everyone needs and wants to enjoy 21st Century living to the fullest!


     Following the creation of his ultra life force functional HEALTH and WELLNESS beverage, and his friend having achieved result in three days from when he began drinking and evaluating it, Fred then deep searched the net to see if he could find any medical information that supported his ingredient choices. At the link here, is a document that provides the evidence of MEDICAL CLINICAL TRIAL RESULTS. It's hidden deep, in a gov medical archive. ЯR GMP believe this information is important, for those who seek confidence. This evidence clearly supports Fred's choice of main ingredients, in their natural form, natural ingredients that we all love to eat, are in ЯR GMP ultra life force Functional Beverage - are used in established and proven medical clinical trials for the treatment of serious diseases and illnesses, with excellent  results!. READ about it HERE


* The information provided here does not constitute, nor is it a substitute for medical advice.
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